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Narrowcasting that reacts to an action by a visitor or customer? With interactive narrowcasting it is indeed possible to let the customer be in control, influencing what is shown on your digital screens. Using a link with sensors it is possible, for instance, to start a product video when a certain product is taken from the shop window. In addition, touch systems can be used as an alleviation of waiting times or as digital sellers. Interactive narrowcasting is in full development, offering numerous options to make your narrowcasting channel even more interesting.

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With the use of touch systems visitors can be introduced to your organisation or products. Touching the screen opens a website, a number of news or press releases, or products are shown. Selecting one of the products then generates more information on the product, such as characteristics and specific properties. Thanks to the touch system the information shown can be browsed, with the customer deciding what he or she is shown.

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Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting uses a system with pressure and light-sensitive sensors to assess what products in your shop are picked up by a customer. Picking up something activates the sensor, and immediately a message or video is played on one or several screens in your shop. This way, the customer gets more information on the product and is tempted by an attractive video.

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Not all information is relevant at all places. Especially in public transport, location-dependent information is highly preferable. Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting responds to this by using GPS-controlled narrowcasting. When a train, bus or metro is approaching a station, for instance, up-to-date departure information can be shown using screen communication and GPS. Travellers know at a glance how much time they have to change trains and to what platform they must go.


But GPS has more options. In public transport location-bound advertising and promotion can be deployed. Companies along the route or in the region can decide to have certain videos played only at a specific location. Also, when there is a house for sale, an upcoming event or a nice show in the theatre that is passed, this can be shown location-bound. The right information at the right place for the right target group is thus implemented very literally.

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It is nice that our narrowcasting software can operate virtually automatically, but sometimes you want to be able to exert influence yourself. Using the WebApp you can start a livestream or playlist of a specific model of car or product without problems. When you have an interested buyer in your shop, the playlist can be shown on the screens, giving not only more information on the model or product, but some after-sales offers or accompanying products are added as well. An excellent way to use narrowcasting to improve sales results.

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Using data links, content can be generated fully automatically that is visible on your screens without any problem. Do you want to show your own data or data of a third party? With an overlayer this data is shown very quickly and as a still on your narrowcasting screens. Data processed into nicely animated videos is also a possibility.


What data link is created is entirely up to the customer. From price lists to personnel files, anything is possible. Thanks to the unique data link both the price list and the personnel file can be updated automatically. Prices are always up-to-date and you have instant insight into who is present or absent today, for instance.

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Airplay makes streaming to your IB player very simple, without requiring additional hardware or Apple TV. Salesmen can stream live images from their tablet, PC or telephone to the player and show these images directly on the screens. Opening an app with the customer watching via TV is instantly also one of the many possibilities. Very attractive for streaming YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations and live TV broadcasts.


This option is available for virtually all devices with Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows.


Streaming is done through your local network, so it remains operative even if you walk a bit further away from the TV for a moment, or if you want to send the signal to a TV on another floor.

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Narrowcasting usually does not have sound. But sometimes you like to hear some background music. With the IB player radio streams can be played online on the connected screen or on an external amplifier.


In the case of videos playing that do have audio, for instance a commercial with a special offer, the system will automatically fade out the sound of the radio and fade in the sound of the video. At the end of the video the reverse happens, and the radio stream is audible again.


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Our narrowcasting does not stop with the broadcasting of information. Thanks to the video analytics module it is possible to play videos based on the gender and age of the viewer. Real-time content decisions are made based on who is watching the screen. This is detected by a small camera, after which a fitting video is broadcast. This way, a different video is started for a man over 65 than for a 40-year-old woman.


Moreover, you get to know your customers even better thanks to video analytics. Statistics are stored, after which you can retrieve hour by hour what the distribution to age and gender has been. The attention time of the screen is also measured. How long are the narrowcasting screens viewed per hour?

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