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The right tools 


Someone who wishes to use the unique narrowcasting applications of Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting, needs narrowcasting hardware in addition to software. We can supply all equipment you need for a perfect narrowcasting result, but can also partly use hardware (including TV screens) already on your possession.

For optimal narrowcasting the use of an IB player is crucial. This player downloads information from our online management platform and stores all information for you. This way, you are assured that narrowcasting broadcasts are possible even if an Internet disruption occurs.

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IB players are powerful and provided with an Android version especially developed for narrowcasting. Because we develop our own apps, we are able to add virtually all functions required. They come in two versions, each with some specific properties. Player type IB-105 is provided with 4K and Airplay. Type IB-100 is suited for 4K and beacons.

The small, powerful players have little wear because they do not contain moving parts. Both players also have low power consumption. As a result, there is little heat development, so extra cooling is not necessary.

If you are in the possession of certain models of displays of Philips or DynaScan, a separate IB player is not required. These televisions have a built-in Android player that can be provided with our apps.


  • Easy to connect
  • Small and powerful
  • Virtually no wear
  • Especially developed by us
  • Low power consumption


Besides the IB player, screens are also very important. Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting recommends the use of professional screens as these last longer, have better image quality and higher general quality. In addition, light output, service and options play an important role.

Consumer TVs were not made to be switched on all day. Professional TVs are. Thanks to the specific design professional screens do not easily overheat and the heat of the screens can be monitored. Thanks to the good design, professional TVs also last longer. Though the purchase price is higher than that of the consumer model, you can enjoy it longer. As a result, the return of a professional TV is considerably higher.

By choosing professional screens you are assured of better image quality and a better light output. As the screens are often developed specifically for the professional market, there are more options as to technology and software. Already during the development of professional screens, the future is taken into account. Continuous applications are developed to be able to guarantee new technologies.

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Sometimes it is necessary to place the screens in special casings. Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting can supply customised casings for columns, in vehicles etc. The casing is vandalism-proof and has its own special design and a heat discharge. Do you also want a customised casing? Inquire free of obligations.

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Screens can be mounted in all sorts of ways. Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting offers various options for wall mounting, ceiling mounting and floor mounting. For this, we use professional brackets of Vogel. Perfect for installing the screens safely, room-saving and easy to turn to the right position. Besides, Vogel’s wall brackets are easily adapted to the brand and model of your TV.

When mounting TVs on a bracket, we also consider the VESA measurements. The size of the bracket and TV must match. VESA mount 75×75 and 100×100 are the most common sizes.

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