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With Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting, dealers of Volkswagen commercial vehicles can benefit from a fully organised, up-to-date commercial vehicles TV channel. A channel hosting the latest model, showing the latest news first and always having room for new occasions. And the best is still to come…you hardly need to do anything yourself. We take care of the complete organisation of your Volkswagen commercial vehicles TV channel!


As soon as you choose Volkswagen Commercial vehicles TV, you are assured of up-to-date content. We automatically convert VW Commercial vehicles occasions to attractively designed and animated videos. Our editors check daily if there are special nation-wide campaigns, press releases or nation-wide offers concerning your brand. If so, these are also converted to a dynamic video that can be perfectly played on your Commercial vehicles TV channel.

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While most of your channel is filled by us, there is also the option of adding information yourself and contribute ideas. We can add (video) content of your choice for you, but you can also easily do this yourself. Using pre-formatted templates you can easily add your own texts, videos and images. You also have access to your own library full of images of various Volkswagen Commercial vehicles models and after-sales items.

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To make the use of your Volkswagen Commercial vehicles TV even more attractive, we have added a number of specific options for you. We developed the WebApp, an app that enables you to easily start special model playlists when a (prospective) buyer is in the showroom. These playlists contain attractive videos about the selected model, including a number of after-sales offers. This will stimulate the (prospective) buyer to purchase additional options with the selected model. Besides the WebApp we offer Airplay. This is the ideal way of streaming from your tablet, PC or telephone to the IB player. PowerPoint presentations, live broadcasts or YouTube videos can be shown on your TV screens without the need of additional hardware or Apple TV. Car configurations on your telephone or tablet can also be streamed to your IB player without problems so the customer can watch instantly.

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  • Kim Loonen, Marketing manager, Ban Tilburg-Bastianen group
    We chose Instore Broadcast because they unburden us entirely in the information provision on the screens. Videos and news are always up-to-date and are posted quickly. Besides the conversion of these videos and news from the importer, we also have the freedom to add our own content in a quick and user-friendly way. In a word, with Instore Broadcast we are completely unburdened and don’t need to worry about the content on the screens: always up-to-date and in a good quality.