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Technology to enjoy the brand


The latest occasion and current news processed into animated videos fully in your corporate identity? With SEAT TV of Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting you have your own TV channel which we will fill entirely for you. You don’t have to worry about that and focus completely on your core business.


Thanks to the use of new technologies we are able to fill your SEAT TV channel without your intervention. Checks are performed daily of reliable news sites to see if there are any new press releases, nation-wide campaigns or nation-wide offers. If there are, they are processed by our editors into animated videos. The latest occasion offer is checked by us daily, after which new occasions are added and older ones removed. The new occasions are processed fully automatically into dynamic videos and then shown on your channel. This way, your channel is always up-to-date, without you having to do anything. The only thing you need is a software license of Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting and the hardware required.

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If you want us to show specific information on your SEAT TV channel, this is no problem. We will gladly put your own (video) content on your channels, but you can also do it yourself. That is up to you. SEAT TV offers simple options to post, for instance, opening hours, local offers or personal photos yourself. For this, you use pre-formatted templates that make adjusting your own TV channel very simple. Besides, the library has a large collection of images available of all models, after-sale items and lifestyle products. These can be used freely.

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SEAT TV has two unique applications that make use even more interesting. With the WebApp, for instance, you can easily start special model playlists when there is an interested buyer in the showroom. The playlist contains videos about the selected model, including several after-sale offers. With it, you can entice the customer to purchase additional options. This makes the WebApp an excellent tool with which you can make targeted use of narrowcasting for better sales results. Besides the WebApp we also offer Airplay. The ideal way of streaming YouTube videos, live broadcasts or PowerPoint presentations directly via your tablet, PC or telephone. You don’t need additional hardware or Apple TV for this. Car configuration apps on your telephone or tablet can also be streamed to your IB player without problem. The customer can watch immediately!

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  • Gerben Remmelts,Process and innovation manager, Wittebrug
    For Wittebrug, customers’ experiences are very important. By using narrowcasting of Instore Broadcast, we combine the (automatically supplied) brand expressions with our own customer-oriented content. We do all this centrally and real-time from our marketing department. For us, Instore Broadcast is the ideal partner, in part because of the collaboration in searching for and expanding innovative options offered to us by narrowcasting.
  • Ilker Esmer,Manager marketing and customer service, Huiskes-Kokkeler car group
    Professional club with full focus on narrowcasting, total unburdening of content management, freedom to adapt content ourselves or have everything run automatically, streaming of mobile/tablet to the players works well.
  • Rachied Habbab, Branch manager, Maas car group
    As Maas car group we have chosen Instore because we want to provide our customers with up-to-date information about our brands at any time. A new model? Without being asked, it is shown on all screens within a day. A special campaign, arranged within a day! Simply a great company to communicate and collaborate with, to bring our products to the customers’ attention in a good way!