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As a Peugeot dealer you want to present your brand optimally. Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting can help you with this. With a completely filled TV channel, geared towards Peugeot, we present the latest content directly. You hardly need to do anything yourself. Our systems and our editors keep everything up-to-date.


With the software of Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting you always have a well-filled up-to-date Peugeot TV channel. Thanks to advanced technologies, new occasions can be converted into animated videos and added to your channel. This will surely attract your customers’ attention. Besides, the Peugeot TV channel contains many model promos, with us removing old model videos and adding new ones regularly. Also, a daily check is performed to see if there are any unique offers, special nation-wide campaigns or new press releases of Peugeot. If this is the case, these messages are processed by our editors into animated videos that can be easily played on your TV channel.

Upon delivery of a new car the Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting system can play a personal congratulations video for your customer, again fully automated. This video shows the car the customer has just bought in the right colour and with its own license plate. A personal approach that will surprise and delight your customer.

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For your Peugeot TV channels the latest technologies are used. In addition to the existing ones, the channel has a number of unique options. For instance, we developed the WebApp. An app with which you can start special model playlists. This is surely an added value when you are in contact with a prospective buyer. The playlists contain videos about the selected model, but also several after-sales offers to entice the customer.

In addition to the WebApp, Airplay is another unique option of the Peugeot TV channel. With Airplay you can stream directly to the IB player without needing additional hardware such as Apple TV. You can stream live broadcasts, YouTube videos or PowerPoint presentations directly to your TV channel. Your customer can watch immediately. Thanks to Airplay, car configuration apps can be streamed from the tablet or telephone to your IB player. Very attractive and interesting for your customers!

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Of course your TV channel also has space for your own contribution. Do you have your own (video) content for your TV channel? No problem! Thanks to innovative video templates, you can also easily adjust your opening hours, post your own offers, or show, for instance, photos of a local event to your visitors. Besides, the library has a large collection of images available of all Peugeot models, after-sales items and lifestyle products. These can be used freely. Peugeot TV has a host of options that help to make your TV channel meet your wishes completely.

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  • Lennart van Hemert, Marketing manager, Riva Group (DAVO)
    The narrowcasting of Instore Broadcast matches the ambience of our establishments and offers us the option of being up-to-date with content for the brands we sell. The combination of self-created content and what is (inter)nationally available, and the ease with which this can be managed are important to us. Instore Broadcast makes it possible for us to manage this content easily.