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As a Citroën dealer you want to present your brand in the most attractive way possible. Narrowcasting is a good solution for this. However, you don’t want to spend too much time on it yourself and focus on the sale of beautiful Citroën cars. Learn about Citroën TV: a unique TV channel of Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting that is filled especially for you with the latest promos, the latest news items and the finest models.


Filling Citroën TV can be done without your intervention. The current occasion stock is automatically converted into animated videos. These new videos are added to your channel, while older occasions are removed. Changes are of course implemented as well. Besides, our editors check daily if there are any new press releases, nation-wide offers or nation-wide campaigns of Citroën. If there are, they are processed by our editors into attractive animated videos and added to your TV channel. Citroën TV is always up-to-date. The only thing you need is a software license of Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting.

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If you want to adjust the information on your TV channel or add new messages or personal photos, this is of course possible. Using pre-formatted templates (entirely in the Citroën corporate identity) you can easily add photos or text or adjust opening hours yourself. There is also an extensive library with a large collection of images of all Citroën models, lifestyle products and after-sales items. These can be used freely. In addition, you can ask us to add specific information to your Citroën TV channel.

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Citroën TV has numerous options, including two that make use even more attractive. With the WebApp you can easily start a model playlist, for instance during a conversation with a prospective buyer. These playlists contain videos on the specific model as well as some after-sales offers. Buyers will be more inclined to purchase additional options, which leads to improved sales results. Besides the WebApp we also offer the option of Airplay. With it, you can stream directly to the IB player using a telephone, tablet or PC. This way, your salesman can easily show a PowerPoint presentation, live broadcasts or YouTube videos on one or several TV screens in your branch. You can also stream car configuration apps from your telephone or tablet to your IB player without problems. The customer can enjoy the result instantly!

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