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You are eager to use narrowcasting in your BMW showroom or waiting area, but do not want to spend many hours on its content? With BMW TV of Broadcast Narrowcasting there is no need to. Thanks to the latest technologies we are able to offer a completely filled narrowcasting TV channel. Fully geared towards your brand, without you having to do anything.


BMW TV is partly filled automatically and partly through editing. There are daily checks on reliable news sites and nation-wide campaigns, press releases and offers are charted. New messages are converted by us to dynamic videos and posted on your own BMW TV channel. An ‘occasion check’ is also performed daily. Sold occasions, stock models and demo cars are removed, new ones are added to your channel. This conversion of the occasion stock to animated videos is done automatically using advanced technologies. This way, Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting ensures that your channel is always up-to-date. Besides news and occasions, videos of new BMW models are added without your intervention. Outdated content is of course removed. If you have something special to tell yourself or want to add specific information to your TV channel, we offer the option of pre-formatted templates. If you prefer that we post information on BMW TV for you, this is done in a minute.

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Our regular BMW TV offering also offers a number of unique options that give your narrowcasting TV channel that little extra. Using the WebApp, for instance, you can simply start special model playlists that not only contain videos about the selected model, but also some interesting after-sales offers. This stimulates customers to purchase additional options, which leads to better sales results. Besides WebApp, Airplay is another special addition to your TV channel. Using a tablet, PC, laptop or telephone you can stream directly to the IB player. No additional hardware or Apple TV are required, the only things you use are our software and the player. Live broadcasts, presentations and car configuration apps can now be shown easily on your narrowcasting screens.

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