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One team together

One for all, all for you

At Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting, specialists in the field of technology and design are working together to develop new applications and features that ensure that our customers’ objectives are always met. We always search for solutions together with our customers, working in a highly service-oriented way.   To ensure good management of our activities we use the Kanban method. This gives us an exact picture of who is working on what and tells us immediately where action is required. Any bottlenecks are immediately shown. The result? An effective production where problems are dealt with beforehand. We thus make the difference as compared to other developers. By working together and communicating through short lines we always get the best results. In the field of work, but also beyond.  
To be of service to you in the best possible way, there is always one point of contact for you within the organisation. If advice is required from another expert, we see to it that you are immediately put into contact with that person. With us, you will not see options menus or long stories. Clear, service-oriented and to the point!   Together, we commit ourselves every day to achieve a perfect result that is satisfying for you as a customer. We are able to adapt to virtually any situation and provide tailor-made solutions if required. How can we be of service to you?